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How to be efficient?

One team. One goal.

Have you seen a pit stop performed during a Formula One race? Have you wondered how they did it before you can blink? The world record is 1.82 seconds. How did they make it happen? On top of the fact that each team member knows their own roles, they only have one goal - refueling and servicing the car as fast as possible. It's a race against time.

Sometimes, we are busy paddling without realizing that we are paddling in the wrong direction. You look hard working, but doing the company a disservice.

So, schedule a team meeting this month. Instead of discussing how we should do things, bring everyone onto the same page by discussing why we are doing this business and what the goal is. Only when everybody shares the same goal and understands the reason why your business exists, your business operation will become more efficient.

When you understand the 'why', it's not difficult to figure out the 'how'. As the old saying goes, where there is a will, there is a way.

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