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The Art of Administration

The art of administration is as old as the human race. Edward D. Jones (US investment banker, 1893-1982)

Did you know local family-owned businesses dominated the business environment before the nineteenth century?

All the family members worked together towards a shared goal. Business decisions were mostly made at the dinner table. Working with your family members offers several advantages, at least in the old days. You know your spouse, children and relatives pretty well because you grew up and lived with them. You understood the way they behaved and their strengths and weaknesses. The family was dependent on this business, so everybody was on the same boat to support the business. It seemed that it was easy for the head of the household to manage the business. However, when we invite partners, friends and employees to the business, it requires new levels of coordination and communication. This is when the businesses need administration.

The fact that business owners started to invite ‘outsiders’ to their family-owned businesses indicates the need for different skill sets and technical expertise. It also signified a change in the way businesses were run, whereby the family ‘was’ the business in the past, but now they ‘run’ the business without physically doing the actual work.

People resist change for many reasons. If something has been done in this way for the past two decades, it doesn’t mean it always has to be done in this way. Human race evolves, technology evolves, so make some changes for the better.

Please be open-minded and embrace change. Let us assist you to embark on this new journey to success. Keep in touch! ^_^

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